Meet Ken Golding

Meet Ken Golding

I was born into a Navy family, spending my entire childhood in the Philippines, Guam, Panama, Puerto Rico and one year in Jacksonville Florida. I served in the US Navy sailing around the world 4 times in 8 years of service. Before settling down in Palm Beach Gardens in 1998, I also lived in seven other states.

It was in the Navy where I met my wife Shirley. We got marred on Valentines Day at a very young age and will celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary next year. I have been a real estate investor for all of those 34 years. We have two children, David and Chris. David graduated from Florida International University with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications and Chris from Florida State University with a PhD in Chemical Engineering.

After getting out of the Navy I used my electronics training to service Cat Scans and MRI's for various scanning centers. This involved delivering absolutely uncompromised customer service and a sense of mission that helped people in a very real way.

With my computer training in the Navy, I was also able to write custom software programs to earn money to purchase real estate. In 1995 I wrote a program for an established financial planner. Together we started a business on a handshake, selling the software that I wrote for him to other Financial Planners. Today that software is used by over 1500 offices and 12,000 users. We grew that company from 2 people to over 60 people and today it has software relationships with Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Pershing and many other companies.

Again the drive for excellent customer service and a desire to help others inspired me to deliver the best software to the most successful financial planners.

5 years ago, I purchased a home on Cudjoe Key, and I have been fortunate to be able to spend each of the last 5 years working and living in the Keys from May to October.

During my in the keys, I have felt a tug to use my passion and knowledge of real estate to help others fulfill their dreams.

In 1992, just after I got married my wife and I were looking for a place to rent while I went to a Navy school. A very nice Realtor® asked me a simple question. That question was "Why are you renting?" She convinced me to purchase a home, educated me and guided me to a totally new future. She is the person who really got me interested in real estate. That led me to want to share the great gift of home ownership with others.

In addition to having a software company, I was a founder of a Software Alliance group called "Your Silver Bullet", I currently serve as a board Member for the Underwater Spearfishing Association (, a member of the Businessman’s Club of the Palm Beaches, and I am an active member of Church in the Gardens.

I decided to move into real estate at a deeper level, and I chose Illustrated Properties because of their reputation and long term success in the South Florida Market. My commitment to impeccable client service and a real understanding of real estate properties will leave you delighted. Why don't you give me a call and experience "The Golding Touch."