Visit historic Palm Beach property.Palm Beach property owners who’d like to learn more about the history of their town should plan a visit to the Palm Beach Maritime Museum. There are two locations for the museum. Go to Currie Park to see artifacts that tell the history of the area, interactive exhibits and simulations to help visitors experience life as it was. In addition to the exhibits, the Currie Park location has a dock for the ferry that takes visitors to Peanut Island. This is the historic Palm Beach real estate location of the John F. Kennedy bomb shelter, which was made available to the president and his family and entourage during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Ride the ferry to the island to tour the bunker and get a sense of the preparations that took place before the crisis was resolved peacefully. The Boathouse and Coast Guard Station are also located at Peanut Island and have been painstakingly restored.

Tour Historic Palm Beach Real Estate on Peanut Island

Visit this fascinating Palm Beach property Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Suggested donation for admission to Currie Park is just $2. The guided tour of Peanut Island lasts 25 to 30 minutes. Admission for adults is $15; for seniors 60 years and older it’s $12; and for children ages five to 17 admission $10. Take the VIP tour for a 45 minute, more in depth look at the site for $25. Visit the Maritime Museum to find out more about the facility and special events.